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Practice Yoga from Comfort of Your Home by Online Private & Group Yoga Classes.

If your Yoga Practice could not continue because of pedamic lockdown and you are not comfortable to go to practice in Yoga Studios or in group classes, we have a way for you. Enjoy Live Online Private & Group Yoga Classes your way, on your schedule with realtime monitoring and instructions. Book and join our Online Private & Group Yoga Classes offered by highly qualified, enthusiastic teachers. Whether you are a new to start or experienced yoga student or you want to practice for a specific or therapeutic purpose – we will teach a Online Private & Group Yoga Classes for you.

Most platforms offer you recorded Online Private & Group Yoga Classes or videos which don’t suite your purpose and no one is present there to see your pace and if you are doing correctly or not. Before starting a class we do one to one consultation to know your practice, needs and if you have any health concerns. We have an affordable plan and membership to all Yoga practitioners. Classes will be 60 or can be upgraded to 90-minute Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Restorative, Yin or therapy class or mix with Asana & Pranayama practices. All Online Private & Group Yoga Classes will be taught with proper alignment and proper guidance to achieve your wellness goals and relaxation. We offer fun practices that allow you to feel nourished, comfortable, motivated and not get bored from practice. We give professional, motivating instruction straight to you live as per your need only, wherever you are.

Reasons to do Online Private & Group Yoga Classes with us:

Highly effective learning by highly qualified teachers.

No Recorded video to watch and practice, teacher will always be present there to guide and see your progress.

Available in any location, with an internet connection; students can attend using their devices (e.g., computers, tablets, etc.)

Use of instruction time only (e.g., no time and money-consuming travels, traffics and pollution).

Direct teacher feedback like regular classes.

Real-time monitoring and feedbacks.

Teacher: Anil Singh

Language: Hindi/English

Contact to Book:


WhatsApp: +91 96304 05771

Signal: +91 96304 05771

Line Messenger ID: anilsingh09

Private Yoga Class (60 Minute)

For an individual or couples

60 USD per class or 600 USD for 11 class package

Group Yoga Class (60 Minute)

Minimum 4 people required to start

15 USD per class or 150 USD for 11 class package