200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

Transform Your Yoga Practice in Teaching

Helping You to Unleash Your Yoga Practice in Teaching Potential

Want to Turn Your Yoga Practice in Teaching Others to Change Their Life?

We have A 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training and Certification for You.

25 Hours Teaching methodology:

Learn about communication skills such as group dynamics, time management, establishment of priorities and limitation.

Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting and correcting to students.

Teaching styles & Qualities of a teacher

What I will learn in this TTC?

Yogic Concepts organising 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training for the practitioners and students of all levels who are looking to deepen their practices, learn the art of teaching with adjustment, and experience the ancient science of Yoga. This is the Training to learn, practice, relax and rejuvenate your potential to become successful Yoga Teacher.

This 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training include the study and practice of various styles such as Hatha/Ashtanga/Vinyasa creative series, Pranayama, Meditation, Kriyas, Anatomy & Physiology, Alignment and Adjustment Workshops. Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training will enable you with all the tools and confidence you need to become a successful yoga teacher and will help you on your personal yoga journey too.

We will ensure the proper and step-by-step learning with a strong foundation of History and Philosophical knowledge upon which you build your teaching and personal practice. Even if you are a beginner and want to take challenge and work harder while maintaining respect for the limitations of your body, you are welcome to join this 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training..

100 Hours Techniques, training and teaching practice:

Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas, Mantra Chanting, Meditation and other traditional Yoga techniques.

Analytical training in how to teach and practice the techniques.

Guided practice of the techniques.

20 Hours Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga:

To learn about human anatomy and physiology (systems, organs, etc.)

May also include energy anatomy and physiology (chakras, Nadis, etc.).

Includes both the study of anatomy and physiology along with its application to yoga practice (benefits, contraindications, healthy movement patterns, etc.)

30 Hours of Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers:

The study of Yoga Philosophy and traditional texts

Yoga lifestyle, such as the precept of non-violence (ahimsa), and the concepts of dharma and karma.

Ethics for yoga teachers, teacher – student relationships and community relationship.

Understanding the value of teaching yoga as a service and giving service to others (seva)

25 Hours of teaching practice:

Practice teaching as a lead instructor (does not include assisting, observing or giving feedback)

Receiving and giving feedback by Observing others teaching

Assisting students while someone else is teaching

Venue: Rishikesh, Ahmedabad & Around The World

Seats: Minimum 5 and limited to 15 Students only to Ensure Attention and Quality Learning

Upcoming Dates

Sept. 01 – Oct 7, 2024 in Six Senses Resort & Spa

Zighy Bay, Oman

Standard Course Fee

Accommodation and Food not Included

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