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“Yogic Concepts” a platform and an organisation made with the bricks of knowledgable, committed and insightful team members, nurtured with yogic values, wisdom, purity and completeness to share the concepts of Yoga which are authentic, ancient and yet relevant in modern life. Yogic Concepts is committed deliver purest form of yogic knowledge, covering traditions, cultural aspect and practical along with teaching practice to bring union and harmony in human personality.

About Us

The ‘Yogic Concepts’ has been founded with a vision to present Yoga in its original form by keeping in mind the system of Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali, the pioneer who laid down the foundation of Yoga. Our aim is to spread traditions of yoga which are rooted in 5000 years old traditions to promote philosophy behind practice of yoga as described in  yogic texts i.e. Yoga sutras of Patanjali and Hatha Yogic texts.

Same time Yogic Concepts’s aim is to make people aware of scientific, physiological, psychological, and spiritual aspects of Yoga. So that students who have undergone through our teacher training, courses, and workshops can be able to guide themselves and aspiring yoga students to promote Yoga in the right direction.

Dr. Anil Singh is the founder of Yogic Concepts who studied Yoga from the World-renowned Yoga Institute and School, Kaivalyadhama (Lonavla) India. Dr. Anil has more than 20 years of Teaching experience with educational institutes, yoga teacher trainings, yoga retreats and workshops.

Dr. Anil and team of Yogic Concepts are devoted their life to study the philosophical and practical aspect of Yoga and impart the teachings and traditional yoga to the world in a very simple and precise manner..

Anil Singh - Founder Yogic Concepts

Our Specialised Courses

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200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

Are you looking for a complete yoga learning, want to excel your practice, skills, knowledge and want to inspire others for a holistic life style? Join Our 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training programs to get insight of Yoga. 

Online Pranayama TTC

40 Hours Online Pranayama Teacher Training

If you always wanted to deepen your practice and teaching to next level to Pranayama and learn more things than you know, here is the opportunity to go to next level to Pranayama.  We are offering 40 Hours Pranayama Teacher training, short Pranayama and other courses.

Online Yoga Classes

Online Yoga Classes

If your Yoga Practice could not continue because of lockdown or you are not comfortable to go to practice in Yoga Studios or in group classes, we have a way for you. Book our Online Yoga Classes  – we will customise session as per your need and will teach a yoga class online for you. Classes can be as a group or private.

200 Hours Online Yoga TTC

200 Hours Online Yoga Teacher Training

If you always wanted to deepen your practice and learn more things than you know, never had enough time and finance to travel. Here is the opportunity to learn online with us. We are offering 200 Hours Yoga Teacher training. Its same training with high standard from comfort at home.

"I am officially a certified Yoga Instructor now! thanks to the Yogic Concepts and MASTER Anil Singh. What a wonderful experience and absolute blessing it was to have you as our trainer. I came wanting to learn yoga. But walked away with so much more knowledge than anticipated. You are passionate about what you teach and it makes us all passionate about it to. A BIG thank you to you. — celebrating! Achieved a Goal."

Adri Burger (South Africa)

"I just finished a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program with Yogic Concepts’s Master Anil Singh at the Evason Resort in Hua Hin, Thailand. It was an amazing program that exceeded all my expectations. I learned so much about the practice of Yoga well beyond the simple asana postures. Anil was the perfect instructor. Master Anil has a depth of knowledge in the practice of yoga that is inspiring. Thank you Yogic Concepts for a great program."

Heather A. Berg (USA)

"This is one of the best class that I have ever attended. Anil - Founder of Yogic Concepts knows and understands his students very well. His more than 20 years knowledge, experiences and guidance in Yoga really help me to pass this good time together with many other students. I really enjoyed all classes like Pranayama in the early morning followed by practice and theory in the morning and Yoga Nidra, Asanas with alignment and more practice in the afternoon. And now I know how to do head stand and confident to teach and help others, thank you so much Anil."

Kamolsuda Kampangthong (Thailand)

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