Yoga Workshops

The 8 Limbs of Yoga with Sunil Sharma

This, our most in-depth retreat of the year, will be guided primarily by our Guru and friend, Sunil Sharma. Originating from Rajastan, India, Sunil is a living master of yoga, a library of yogic wisdom and experience, specializing in the fields of meditation, pranayama, yoga nidra and philosophy. We are incredibly fortunate to host him during this 6 day retreat on his summer tour of Europe! See below for more information about Sunil..

Bringing Ashtanga into Vinyasa Yoga

Benefitting from Sunil’s presence, this retreat will focus on Pranayama and Yogic Philosophy and is recommended to those who already have a firm grounding in Yoga practice. Besides sessions with Sunil, there will also be a daily ‘Mysore Style’ Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga session and on three afternoons there will be guided excursions to canyon, caves and peakks in the wild majesty of the Picos de Europa

The philosophy talks will leave us with a deeper understanding  ‘Ashtanga’ Yoga. Ashtanga (meaning 8 Limbs) is the method laid out in the original text on Yoga, ‘the Yoga Sutras’, written some 3,000 years ago. The Sutras describe Ashtanga as a holistic system, fully interdependant on lifestyle, which involves physical excercises and a number of ever subtler forms of meditation. Indeed all forms of Yoga come from Ashtanga; they vary only in the aspects they emphasize. According to the Sutras, the ultimate aim of Ashtanga Yoga practice is to lead us to Samadhi, a state of uncondicional freedom.

(Note that for those undertaking our YTT course, this course serves as week 2)

Included in Retreat (6 days/5 nights)

  • Accommodation

  • All Yoga Sessions and Yoga Philosophy discourses

  • Guided Excursions in the Picos de Europa National Park and Cantabrian Coast

  • Course Manual

  • Kriya Pack

  • Three daily vegetarian meals


12th August to 24th August 2018


Asturias Yoga, Spain



Workshop On: “YOGIC LIVING- Placing the Seed of Change”

An interactive workshop on re-orientation of perspective through Yoga Movement, Breathing & Yoga Nidra Meditation

“The great revolution in our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.” William James

During this workshop we explore a re-orientation of perspective – welcoming ourselves, each moment and each experience exactly as is. The mechanistic way of lifestyle is taking toll on our psyche it seems that we are hopeless and helpless in the direction of overcoming the dependency on mechanistic way of life. We meditate, think, meditate, plan, again meditate and decide to bring change in our habit patterns and doing so, we cultivate a greater sense of peace in how we live our lives and a deeper connection to our true nature.

These practices will each include mindful Hatha yoga Asana, Pranayama (breathing practices), chanting and a fully guided practice of Yoga Nidra. This series will provide an opportunity to either begin or continue your exploration new perspectives in life.

Purification of Pranic channels

In order to bring change in attitude we have to correct the flow of prana and we will purify and channel the energy flow by slowing down the the mental chatter. We will explore Hathayoga asana to increase and balance the flow of prana (life energy) within, thereby enhancing mental clarity, our own healing potential and a deeper self-understanding.

Healing the body breath and mind through Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a beautiful way of turning the attention inward and transcending sensory impressions. This practice is guided by the teaching that underneath the drama of our lives and our identity with our ego-selves lies our true nature – pure Presence. When we dive into the spaciousness within, we open to the experience of our true selves.

Interactive sessions of self-reflection

Core concepts of Yoga philosophy are healing in itself and prepare us for honest review of our present life concepts. This session will invite positive change in your life off the mat. The afternoon will include an in-depth study of yogic philosophical scriptures to bring clarity in perception of reality.


30th August to 2nd September 2018


10th September to 16th September 2018


Yoga Joya, Italy


Siódmy Las, Poland