“an absolute blessing.”

I am official a certified Yoga Instructor thanks to the MASTER. Anil Singh. What a wonder experience and absolute blessing it was to have you as our trainer. I came wanting to learn yoga. But walked away with so much more knowledge than anticipated. You are passionate about what you teach and it makes us all passionate about it to. A BIG thank you to you. — celebrating Achieved a Goal.

— Adri Burger (South Africa)

“the best class that I have attended”

This is one of the best class that I have ever attended. Anil, knows and understands his students very well. His more than 20 years knowledge, experiences and guidance in Yoga really help me to pass this good time together with many other students. I really enjoyed all classes like Pranayama in the early morning followed by practice and theory in the morning and Yoga Nidra, Asanas with alignment and more practice in the afternoon. And now I know how to do head stand and confident to teach and help others, thank you so much Anil.

— Kamolsuda Kampangthong (Thailand)





“Yogic Concepts is the best”

Yogic Concepts is the best knowledgeable information about the yoga. Especially , Master Anil Singh who teach all the courses as Pranayama, Yoga teacher training, and all the yoga types. I really enjoyed the class because now I know more how to teach the yoga, control my own mind, making healthy and balance with the body. I would like to recommend that Yogic Concepts is the best one for all of you who would like to become a yoga teacher. Everything was absolutely perfect with the teacher training I attended. Thank you so much Master Anil as you treat me everything. I appreciated to be your student.

Rim Sreylong (Cambodia)

“To the Yogi Master I will always remember”

This journey has been be the best food for my soul. I wanted to go somewhere and do something where, for a little while I could just let go from what sometimes seems like an overwhelmingly fast paced life – where I could slow down, focus my attention on mindfulness, meditation, self love and self care. To the Yogi Master I will always remember, Anil Singh you have given me so much more than I could’ve asked for, and you have taught me things I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Thank you for your gracious teachings. What a special closing ceremony, and congratulations to this awesome team of newly qualified yoga teachers. May your journeys be rewarding and filled with an abundance of growth and gratitude.

Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi.

Lee-Ann Galloway (South Africa)




“This is just the beginning.. Thank you very much Anil Singh for that exhausting and fun 200hrs yoga teacher training! It was great learning from you and seeing my own progress within one month – I am so grateful for that experience and I am happy to have met that great yoga squat!”

— Lisa Markl (Austria)




a delightful teacher training experience

Joining 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course with Yogic Concepts’s Anil had been a delightful experience. It exceeded my expectations in many ways. To be capable of instructing a full yoga session after the course is what ones should expect. However, for people with none or little experience in Yoga prior to the course (me included), ones may be doubtful. Nevertheless, upon completing the course, all participants were able to lead a full yoga session with quality and confidence… all of us, some with experience prior to the course and some with none! We also built a bond between us during the course and the feeling of accomplishing this together was amazing. We were emotional during the closing ceremony.

With vast experience in teaching yoga, both in theories and practices, Master Anil single handedly slayed the course, whether it be Pranayama, Mantra, Asana and alignment, detailed theories of Yoga and also leading our twice daily Yoga sessions! Master Anil delivered necessary and correct information to help us build a strong foundation for our future learning and practices.

I wouldn’t have chosen to do this course with anyone else other than Master Anil and Yogic Concepts.

— Pang Phiophang (Thailand).





I just finished a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program with Yogic Concepts’s Master Anil Singh at the Evason Resort in Hua Hin, Thailand. It was an amazing program that exceeded all my expectations. I learned so much about the practice of Yoga well beyond the simple asana postures. Anil was the perfect instructor. Master Anil has a depth of knowledge in the practice of yoga that is inspiring. Thank you Yogic Concepts for a great program.

— Heather A. Berg (USA)



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