During this pandemic everything has changed and new normal came in the place. These changes and new normals came in place in our Yoga Teacher Trainings too. Before pandemic our teacher training used to be in studio and mostly full house with so much fun and outdoor activities. But now no international students travelling to Thailand so we continued our programs with local students only. We started online teacher trainings for international students too. Many people liked the idea of learning more about Yoga and deepening their practice with small groups with more focused learning anyway – perhaps during pandemic they found that the training program and Yoga has already changed your life. Yoga training made them realise that when we can not go much out, it’s time to turn in and find “me” time they always needed, it helped trainees to de-stress from life, tune in and reconnect with self. There are so many reasons why people started loving Yoga during this pandemic.

Certainly, whoever joined our trainings online or in studio realised that, there’s never been a better time to study Yoga with more awareness and gaining strength and immunity in holistic way of wellness.

Health concerns during pandemic

Nowadays people are more concerned about their health than ever before. Even if someone sneezes or clears throat for general reasons, immediately people get doubts and concerns. We have seen health science has accomplished so much, so quickly in 2020 to prevent infections and save life. So many alternative health programs came in practice to improve general health as everyone knew that COVID affects more to the people who are already having some health issues. So the message was clear that everyone needs to focus on: prevention. Doctors and governments all want to help people to prevent illness in the first place. Yoga is known from ages – and now doctors confirm – the keys to overall physical health, mental strength and long life. Yoga practice involves: positive, mindful movement or Asanas, mindful breathing or Pranayama, constructive attitudes and the right kind of lifestyle observances or getting the correct lifestyle from Yoga philosophy.

These have always been the core focus of our Yoga Teacher Training program in Chiang Mai Thailand and online too. No one in Thailand cover that wast Philosophical part of yoga then us. Yogic heritage and knowledge is rich with ancient, tried and tested health practices, and we explore – explain them and how to integrate them into modern contemporary lifestyle.

In studio teacher training

Here at Yogic Concepts and Yoga Ananda Chiang Mai, we preferred in studio Yoga Teacher Training programs and we feel that the full experience can be obtained better in studio. That’s why we continued trainings during pandemic even we have small group. Having small groups allowed students to get more attention and clear doubts and questions as many times as they need.

Online teacher training 

With studio teacher training we evolved ourselves with better approach to do online trainings too. We use high quality audio and videos equipments do deliver proper training with all angles. We use virtual white boards and visuals for standard learning. Our students testimony says we teach real Yoga as it is with all modern tools available.

Hygiene and distancing norms in trainings

We have a large studio which can accommodate 15 people comfortably, but during pandemic we strictly limited numbers of trainees to 10 only, so that everyone gets enough space and all the personal attention they need and want. We have hand sanitiser, hand wash available all the time. If someone needs masks we have available too. Studio and mats are cleaned and sanitised will high quality disinfectant after every use.